Well, the pandemic of our lifetime seems to be upon us and as terrible as this situation is, I am finding the positives around every corner. I will eventually run out of to-do’s but right now this virus has given me the forced time to finally take these last items off my list….

Here is what i’ve tackled so far!

Early Friday morning Scottie went off to work and I decided to catch up on some work correspondence. A very sweet friend of mine recently completed a watercolor portrait of me for my new job and I had the portrait made into stationery!

As you may not know, I just started a new job in medical, 3 weeks ago, and now can’t enter any hospitals or doctors offices due to this horrible virus. When I started realizing it wasn’t going to be easy to get in touch with surgeons, my first thought was to write them a note! Everyone loves a hand-written note and in today’s world it’s far and few between that you receive one.

Over the course of 5 hours, I hand wrote every surgeon a note, expressing my concern for their health, as well as their patients and their staff. Once my hand stopped throbbing I decided to wash the car…..this is the titillating life of my corona quarantine…..(haha)

Saturday arrived slowly and I spent the morning finishing the newest Salt & Shore blog design, I hope you like it! Yay! Then Scottie and I decided to brave the outside world.

We took the boat out for a long ride around all the Savannah barrier islands, keeping our “social distance” from other boaters and believing that salt water kills anything and everything. Especially our heavy hearts.

Of course we brought Sadie Mae along and she enjoyed learning how to drive the boat, inspect other boater’s “social distance,” and letting them know if they were getting too close.

After a very aggressive attack of nats in a little creek, we quickly made our way home. The sunset and warm sun made for the perfect anti-corona day. Sunday morning blues are upon us again as we are missing church due to closures.

Today we will wrap up laundry and meal prep for this upcoming week. I may be able to convince him to play a card game with me….The one thing I am worried about the most is running out of things to do! What are y’all doing to stay busy?

As always, “stay salty and sweet”