With all the craziness that is Coronavirus and the mere fact I am going out of my mind with boredom, I thought now would be a great time to start a book club! Our book club will be called “The Sandy Pages”. My goal is to read one book per month – the books will be free online for Amazon prime members.

I decided I didn’t want to make the book club too formal and you can follow along at your pace. Halfway through the book, I’ll post my thoughts and some discussion questions on Instagram stories. Once everyone has finished the book, I’ll post my final thoughts and likes/dislikes on Instagram and here on the blog. If you’d like to participate more throughout the book, just DM me or leave a comment below!

April’s Book is…

April’s book will be “Trust” by Pamela Kelley. I am really looking forward to reading this book! I recommend going ahead and ordering the book on Amazon Prime now so that you can go ahead and begin to read. Here is our official reading plan for the month of April:

I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book club and our very first book!



I spent a lot of time this past weekend working on social media and catching up on the effect the 2020 Coronavirus has had on the working class and service industry people, and my heart is broken by the number of layoffs reported and the worrisome posts I’ve seen scroll across my feed.

Without a doubt, the 2020 Coronavirus has wrecked havoc on our nation but it does not mean we cannot have hope! Despite the sorrow that sits within our hearts right now, there can be a blessing in disguise and I’m here to help you uncover it….

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Well here we are, day number three of self quarantine and upholding our promise of social distancing. I know our days look a little more gloomy and scary right now but the truth is, I needed these quarantine days to finally push me into finishing these last lingering projects.

Such as, getting this blog up and running! Yay! Another thing I thought about is all the time I have over the next few weeks to do some online shopping and decorating for the Spring and Summer!

As I am sure we all love a clean and freshly decorated home, now is a great time to browse online for sales and discounts that business owners are running to keep their doors open!

Kill two birds with one stone, right! Here are my top picks that I am buying for Spring to revamp our living room!

  • I am IN LOVE with this beautiful Joss & Main rug. I am planning to use this in our dining room actually, to replace the current one that is too small for the space. Last year we bought a beautiful mahogany table from a local estate shop here in Savannah, and I am slowing changing out the room to look more Neo-Traditional.
  • Ever since we got married, I have been slowly working my way through the house, changing out engagement pictures for wedding pictures, without making our house look like a shrine to us (haha). When I found this picture frame, I thought it was the perfect size for our fireplace mantle. Nothing too big and flashy, but just enough to showcase the beautiful landscape that surrounded us in the Dominican, and is reflected in our wedding photos.
  • I believe all types of flowers brighten up any room, faux or not. Sadly for me, I cannot keep flowers alive for more than a few hours, so I am a faux fan all the day! These beautiful pink roses are perfect for our side table. Not over powering but just enough to add a small pop of color to the space.
  • Trays are my best friend! They are the perfect place for catch alls, magazines that I haven’t finished reading, or pens and notepads for when I am brainstorming new ideas.
  • Lastly, my favorite, favorite designer, James Farmer is releasing his newest coffee table book, Arriving Home, and I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on it! You can pre-order it now and I am looking forward to stacking it alongside his other book that I love, A Place To Call Home.
  • Over the next few years I want to take my time investing in beautiful books that can share inspiration but also serve as decor in our space. I argue with myself often that they are just one other thing I have to dust, but lately I have grown very fond of how amazing they look when styled correctly. After my investment with James Farmer, I plan to invest in another man….Mark Sikes!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of my style picks! Do you have any favorites you are keeping your eye on? Etsy is a fantastic source right now as you are helping artists and makers who need your support during this difficult time.

Don’t forget to shop smart and shop local when you can!

Stay Salty & Sweet,



Well, the pandemic of our lifetime seems to be upon us and as terrible as this situation is, I am finding the positives around every corner. I will eventually run out of to-do’s but right now this virus has given me the forced time to finally take these last items off my list….

Here is what i’ve tackled so far!

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January 1st has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to 2019. For those of you sipping mimosas or downing a bottle of Pepto on New Year’s Day, I’m frantically typing this at 4:00pm on NYE, drinking a glass of Carmenere and trying to consolidate a year’s worth of thoughts into one opening blog post when I have never blogged before in my life…. 

Overall, 2019 has been one hell of a hard year but the silver lining is that with every crushed dream comes new goals!

If you’ve read this far and I haven’t made your hangover worse, then I would like to formally welcome you to the brand new Salt & Shore!! A lifestyle brand, blog and online boutique focusing on Lowcountry life, style, business, and the courage to love and accept yourself.

Many of you may be scratching your head wondering what happened to the booming candle business?

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